Kerala is a 365 days tourist destination. Each day in Kerala is a unique day. The climatic variations in the state has resulted in classifying the Kerala days into season and off season. The hot season in Kerala is from march end to June end. People try to visit hills stations such as Munnar during this period.

Kerala Tourist Season Connected with Festival Seasons

Monsoon in Kerala is a treat for the tourists who love rains. Tourists from middle east prefer Kerala during the monsoon. Most of the premium hotels in Kerala will be packed with Arab speaking guests during monsoon season.

Deepwali, popularly known as Diwali is the festival of lights in India. It is very popular all over India. People will have long vacation during this period. Both government and private offices will enjoy holidays during this period. Diwali is the festival of Joy as well. Hence people celebrate this by traveling all over the world. Kerala is also a popular destination for travelers during Diwali holidays. Advance hotel reservation as well as Kerala package tour booking is suggested during Diwali period.

Christmas & New Year – Peak Kerala Tourist Season

Christmas and New-year are celebrated all across the world. Kerala too has a good Christian population.Kerala has large number of churches as well. Christmas season will be a different experience in Kerala. Most of the houses will be decorated with Christmas stars and illumination. Keralites like any other people in the world welcome the new year with celebrations. All the hotels will be having cultural programs on 24th night as well as 31st night. Gifts will be provided to all the guests. Musical programs and dance events are very common in Christmas and New Year eve programs in Kerala. Hotels will be packed during this period from 20th December till Jan 5th. Hotels will hike rates during this period. Compulsory dinner will be required to be taken at most of the hotels during this period, these are best Kerala tourist season.